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Librariapedia started as an idea to help libraries share the resources, procedures and solutions that they have gained through hard won research, trial and error. There are many valuable blogs, associations, guides and ideas that can be found with our search skills, but the procedures, synthesis and application of that information is often times on one persons desktop, inaccessible to almost everyone. But your ideas could be even more useful to others and Librariapedia could be place to share these ideas.

The theory that there could be librarian biographies, library histories, literacy programs, responses to crises, political advocacy, successful fundraising campaigns, marketing ideas and many other useful resources could have a place that could be shared easily and not inadvertently hidden behind any digital walls was very appealing. This would ideally provide someone with a library need or curiosity a place to find answers and resources that have been already implemented, and if it what they needed didn't exist they could create it and then share it. When we share our solutions and someone else did something similar but with a different budget, we can show how it was done with different budgets (No, Low, Moderate, High) and then people can adapt for their communities from there.

The opioid crisis was the inspiration to take this idea from concept to reality. There are many webinars, news reports and training programs but knowing what someone has done specifically can be very valuable. Large libraries in large cities areas have many resources to address this problem but they still need to know what is effective so that they can implement strategies and programs. The opioid cirsis is much bigger than just large metropolitan areas. Rural libraries with low or no budgets need to know that there are things that they can do as well and this is a place to share case studies, activities, collaborations and procedures when addressing this crisis.

Libraries are not often bound by propitiatory and intellectual property limitations and freely sharing is part of who we are. This ability to share is extremely valuable as we are often times underfunded and need to be very resourceful and creative to meet the needs of our communities. Librariapedia is another place we can share our work and ideas to ultimately improve our offerings and services to better help the world to continue to see libraries as open, adaptive, creative, high skilled, dynamic information centers.

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other [people's] writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for." – Socrates